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Crater Lake sits at the top of Mount Mazama at an elevation of 8,106 feet. It was discovered by a prospector in 1853, and is the only national park in Oregon. The eruption of Mount Mazama, the force of which was many times greater than Mount St Helens, left a deep layer of ash that can still be seen in some places today.

The drive to Crater Lake makes a wonderful day trip. Following the scenic Rogue River you have the opportunity to stop and visit the natural bridge, which was formed by the eruption of Mount Mazama. Visit

MT. ASHLAND has a wide variety of information about the Mt. Ashland Ski area, including captivating history. The ski area’s top elevation is 7,500 feet, there are 23 runs plus open bowl skiing (with the longest run being 1 mile) and 40 acres for night skiing. Total annual snowfall is 300 inches and the average winter daytime temperature is 25 degrees F.

Are you interested in a leisurely two-hour walk? That is about what you are in for if you walk the entire trail at Lithia Park. As the seasons change, so does the park. I enjoy going there often for lunch sitting on a park bench or just peaceful reflection time. Lithia Park Woodland Trail Guidebooks are $2.00 at the chamber of commerce office, 110 E. Main St., 541-482-3486.
The wild and beautiful Rogue River is home to many activities. At you will find information about fishing, rafting and more.
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